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U.S. Nurse Staffing

U.S. Nurse Staffing

Overview:  HCCA is the only company in the world that recruits and deploys highly experienced, skilled and dedicated international nurses to meet the specific requirements of hospitals in the United States. With 40+ years of experience in successfully placing more than 30,000 global health care professionals, HCCA is the expert in international nurse recruitment, providing the U.S. health care system with access to the most talented registered nurses and clinicians in the world.

Integrating internationally experienced nurses into our clients’ front line teams offers both clinically and financially effective solutions to long-term nurse workforce challenges. Augmenting our clients’ full-time nurse recruitment strategies, HCCA offers a viable and proven option for bringing well-trained, Baccalaureate educated, NCLEX-RN certified (U.S. licensed) nurses into the U.S. workforce and provides a novel recruitment and retention strategy that serves an entire hospital.

HCCA’s recruitment strategy provides numerous benefits that significantly and positively impact the bottom line. These include:

    Reduction of nurse workforce costs;
  Increase in proportion of Baccalaureate educated registered nurses;
  Long-term nurse recruitment and retention solutions;
  Stability and increased years of experience added to nursing staff;
  Ability to eliminate or lessen dependency on contract or agency nurses.

Our nurses’ ability to provide safe and effective patient care is always top priority. Not only does HCCA prepare its nurses to pass all of the required examinations (including government required English proficiency and NCLEX examinations) and handle all of the immigration processes, we also evaluate nurses in three areas: critical thinking skills, technical expertise and interpersonal skills. After an HCCA nurse’s arrival in the United States, we provide significant and continued support and resources for both the hospital and the nurse to ensure success. Top of U.S. Nurse Staffing
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Client and Nurse Testimonials:

    "Stephanie’s interpersonal relationships with both patients and colleagues are very impressive."
  "Geoffrey is a team player and is willing to help everyone on the unit at all times."
    "HCCA made my entire nursing experience successful!"
  "HCCA never failed to assist me in every step towards fulfilling my dream of working as a nurse here in the U.S."
    "The positive attitude of all the HCCA staff, the assistance they have provided from the time I applied in the Philippines and until this time that I'm in America have made a big difference in my nursing carrier and in my life."
  "I greatly appreciate the experience working with HCCA Int'l and I'm glad that I became a part of HCCA Int'l. My family is so proud and grateful that HCCA have made our dreams come true!"
    "We are very impressed with Candice’s clinical skills."
  "Brenda is a joy to work with!"
    "Leo has become an asset on the unit with his efficient IV skills."
Top of U.S. Nurse Staffing
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Ten Top Reasons to Hire HCCA Nurses:

    Clinical Excellence – In order to focus on excellence in patient care, HCCA’s international, full time recruiting model is competency driven, consistent with the highest standards of nursing care in the U.S. We have invested years to develop our nurses, ensuring that they are thoroughly trained and prepared for their assignments.
  Financial Responsibility – HCCA bears the financial responsibility of recruiting and preparing each nurse until they arrive at our clients’ facilities. This investment translates to an important gain for clients—the highest caliber of nurses who provide consistent and quality patient care.
  Cost Savings – HCCA’s nurse staffing model enables clients to reduce expenditures on contract or agency nurses as well as expensive travel and orientation costs for such temporary nurses.
  Long-Term Workforce Stability – HCCA nurses commit to working for 30 months at our clients’ hospitals. This commitment provides a level of stability unheard of in this industry and allows clients to develop and expand their full-time workforces.
  High Retention - More than 75 percent of HCCA nurses remain at their U.S. assignments after their original contracts have ended. This represents one of the highest retention rates in the industry and allows clients to better regulate nurse staffing ratios and develop teams. Still, HCCA consistently strives to raise the bar by listening to clients’ needs and recruiting nurses to meet them. Our goal is 100 percent full-time nurse retention.
  No Recruiting Fees – HCCA does not charge any additional fees when our nurses become employees after their initial 30-month obligation, nor do we charge any fee in advance of arrival.
  Global Expertise – As part of one of the oldest and most respected health care companies in the world, HCCA has long-standing relationships with many of the most prestigious health care providers and medical teaching institutions in the world. We have established access to the most highly credentialed and talented international nursing population, and offer one of the most highly qualified and experienced clinical and management teams in the U.S.
  No Risk – Client satisfaction is guaranteed in accordance with the same standard for nurse staff employed directly by our client hospitals.
  Strategic Partner – With a highly qualified clinical and management staff, we have built our business on helping hospitals with their long-range nurse workforce planning, and know what it takes to be successful. Clients can count on HCCA as a partner that will always deliver the highest quality and integrity.
  HCCA Delivers – HCCA delivers on our promise that the nurses we deploy will be successful. Having placed more than 30,000 health care professionals, HCCA has the expertise and experience to deliver. Every time. That’s a commitment we put our name on. 
Top of U.S. Nurse Staffing

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